“Brittany is a wonderful stylist. She is very attentive and helpful, especially if you are undecided on a style. She has a warm personality and I would recommend her in a heartbeat.”

“Brittany just gets me. She is my best friend who knows exactly what I want and need when it comes to my hair. She truly provides the full experience and thinks of everything.”

“Brittany is the best! She listens to me (which is I have found rare in a hair stylist). I always walk away feeling refreshed. She is simply the best. I have recommended her to a fellow coworker and she also loved her!”

“Brittany is great! She is honest and is just an all around great stylist. She always listens to what I want and helps me when I am indecisive.”

“My hair has been healthier, and I get compliments on my cut. Brittany always takes time to listen to what I would like and is wonderful!”

“Brittany is a wonderful hair stylist, listens to my preferences and offers her insights. She remembers what we tried last time and asks how I liked it.”

“I went to Brittany several times for cuts and styles, and she always did a great job with my long, THICK hair. (It takes a stylist who knows what she’s doing to de-bulk my hair. Otherwise, I get a poofy triangle look!) She was also very friendly too, and had lots of great recommendations for places to go and things to see while I was in Ohio.”